I don’t write every day. Or every week. I don’t even write monthly. I struggle with consistency. As a mind with many interests and inspirations I find focus hard. Today I want to sing and read and write and dance and nap. But I never know what I’ll want to do tomorrow. Consistency is hard. … More Inconsistent

Little Feet

I take a lot of photographs.  All my life, I have been an observer. I love to watch and look and see.  I sometimes stare and I often wonder who notices.  Like most of those in the current generations I have a iPhone 7 that I love and always have with me. Before that I … More Little Feet

I’m feeling Thirty-Two…

When we are young we are constantly being taught. All around us are various influences trying ceaselessly to make an impact, whether these influences be direct (parental, academic, social) or indirect (environments, entertainment, observation).  This learning doesn’t stop when we reach the different stages between childhood and adulthood, but it does change.  What will change … More I’m feeling Thirty-Two…


A short story. GREG Claire was quiet. She didn’t talk much in 5th period Chemistry.  They were lab partners, but Greg couldn’t quite bring himself to joke with her like his other classmates. He barely spoke to her acutally. She just seemed so unwilling. Almost like she hoped he wouldn’t try to engage. The assignments … More Chemistry


Somehow, between the WordPress app and the website…I unintentionally deleted a blog post. It seems a little thing. A water under the bridge moment. The post was live and published for a few days. Perhaps I, in my typical habit, have been overthinking the situation. But it seems significant somehow. The perfect storm of circumstances … More Impermanent


When did gender become such a complicated topic?  As children you never questioned your friends about it. You just enjoyed each others company. You didn’t stop and say…hmm his face is kind of soft…is he a real boy? You just went to mall. Practiced with the team. Played tag at the park. Why as adults … More Freedom