When did gender become such a complicated topic? 

As children you never questioned your friends about it. You just enjoyed each others company. You didn’t stop and say…hmm his face is kind of soft…is he a real boy? You just went to mall. Practiced with the team. Played tag at the park.

Why as adults do we suddenly need proof? Who cares what the parts look like downstairs. When I meet Bob, he’s Bob. When I meet Anna, she’s Anna.  I will never ask her to verify. 

When I see two people in love I feel nothing but inspired. Inspired to keep hoping for my own great love. I feel moved by love. I don’t stop and think….but that love is weird, why do they love wrongly?  I only see two people who have found each other in this vast mass of humanity. It seems a miracle every time. Something to be in awe of.  

Women and men are all we have. But we come in many packages. Make the most of it. Find love for everyone. Don’t hate men for doing what they’ve been taught. Teach them something new. Don’t hate women for their objection. Learn why they object. Don’t be a feminist. Be a humanist. Know that no one understands what they’ve never tried to learn. Be a teacher, not a protestor. Be heard, not feared. 

I question anything that asks individuals to change what they believe…but I believe that in those questions are answers. And that change can come at any time. Don’t change without seeking truth. And never forget that facts are finite but opinions are relative. Freedom doesn’t promise truth. It promises freedom. Freedom gives people the right to just be. Be who they are. 

“Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, 

I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” 

-Emma Lazarus The New Colossus 

I have felt wretched and yearning. I have felt tempest-tossed. We all deserve to breath free in our lives.  No matter where in the world, we deserve to breath without consequence. 

Stop being the consequence to others breath. Stop being the reason they fear. Stop being the question that makes them doubt who they are. 

Know yourself. That is enough. 


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