I recently traveled for the first time to Portland, Oregon. I was staying with a childhood friend while attending the annual NCECA Ceramics Conference. When I noticed this very dangerous section of sidewalk through the rainy car window I couldn’t resist capturing the hazard in a photo. Beware. Danger! Advertisements

I am on my way…

Lifestyle. It is the 5th of May in the year 2017 and my whole lifestyle is about to change.  It may seem that this blog has been a slow trickle of here and there moments, but in truth it has been the earliest inklings of an avalanche. My life is been leading up to the … More I am on my way…


Being me in a world full of you’s is like swimming upstream in river of honey. Sometimes that golden flow is sweet and beautiful with folds of amber just ebbing against my efforts. Other times that resistant tide is a brittle crystalline obstacle that clings and grasps with sticky oppression.  What does it mean to … More Me


I have often experienced the surreal sensation of being born out of time. As though I may have lived another life in an entirely different period. When I visit places with a vibrant history from a bygone era I am consumed with a sense of nostalgia.  Hardwood and brass. Crystal and lace. Doorways to another … More Nostalgia 


Limbs of lime and forest and olive Fronds tall and lithe Or wispy tendrils that coil and curl around stalks of golden green. Burnished yellows veined in white and boldest crimsons tipped with light.  Growing things that live and thrive to reap the harvest, to whither and die.  To seed anew through root and bloom … More Growing 

Tire Jacks and TGIF

Chaos theory prevails as I yet again discover my front passenger tire is flat.  I sat yet again because this same tire has derailed me once before, recently. There is something totally deflating about a flat tire.  I know. I know. Lame joke. But honestly everything about this is lame.  Tire,  You had one job. … More Tire Jacks and TGIF