Tire Jacks and TGIF

Chaos theory prevails as I yet again discover my front passenger tire is flat.  I sat yet again because this same tire has derailed me once before, recently. There is something totally deflating about a flat tire.  I know. I know. Lame joke. But honestly everything about this is lame.  Tire,  You had one job. … More Tire Jacks and TGIF

The Risk

A short story. She was meeting him in less than an hour. She felt jittery and each time she checked the clock a wave of uncertainty flooded her mind. It was so overdue. That was undoubtedly true. So hard to get the schedules in line. Busy parents with busy lives. Four months since they’d linked … More The Risk

Frame It

View  I tried several times to capture the view across the rooftops from this window where I work. I realized that I needed the edges of the frame to build the view as I saw it. Slightly askew as I rushed past on my way to the next task. Challenge: Edge

Humans Feel

A moment ago a man wept through the service dedicated to his wife of 54 years who is gone from him now. Sometime yesterday a patient collapsed in tearful relief as a doctor used the word “remission”and gave back the future. Last weekend two parents cheered wildly as a little leaguer whacked his first homer … More Humans Feel