Just a teaspoon…

She sat. Lost deep within the story.  Spinning into the fantasy of her imagination.

She was a fierce warrior in a faraway kingdom.  It was her destiny to battle the greatest evil the world had known. Her great adventure would save the innocent and bring on the happily ever after.

Her path had not be an easy one. She’d been tested along the way. Her doubts had been conquered and her fears faced. She knew what she was capable of. She knew that she could win.

A creak on the stair and it was time. The moment of truth was upon her. The door swung inward and she turned to peer down the length of the patterned duvet, across the carpeted floor to the shape in the brightly lit doorway…the shape of a woman.

“Darling,” her mothers voice whispered through the dark, “….are you awake?”

The little girl lay very still, propped against a mountain of pillows. She was weak with fever and her small body ached from the illness. Her mother at the door, waited to give the next dose of the medicine that would help her sleep. Help her heal.

“Sweetheart?” Her mother called again softly.

The girl knew it was time. She could do it. She could defeat the evil of the illness. She could fight it off and bring back the joy and the laughter. No matter how bitter, she would overcome.

It was just a teaspoon.

Daily Prompt: Bitter


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