I am on my way…


It is the 5th of May in the year 2017 and my whole lifestyle is about to change.  It may seem that this blog has been a slow trickle of here and there moments, but in truth it has been the earliest inklings of an avalanche. My life is been leading up to the next few moments for quite some time. I have been waiting and working and ceaselessly reaching toward the future that is finally upon me.

I am 31 years old and after 6 long years of painstaking perseverance, I am graduating college. On Saturday May 13th, I will commence. I will commence with the rest of my life. I will commence with all the moments that I have put on hold while dedicating most of my waking minutes to successfully completing my degree in a no holds barred sprint. Several degrees. Over several years and across several campuses.  Excited doesn’t cover it. Satisfied, elated, exhausted, proud, uncertain, ready and RELIEVED.

I am writing this today, because today…is the start. The start of the end and the beginning. Tonight is my Senior Thesis Exhibition Closing Reception. A body of work that I have created is on display. In a culminating celebration of FINALLY FINISHING COLLEGE. In a student gallery on a college campus I will smile and laugh and thank and revel in what I have achieved and accomplished. I will look at my work again as others take it in for the first time. I will worry and wonder at how it will all be received and perceived. But mostly, I will sigh a gusty sigh of relief that I made it.

I am on my way back to life. Back home. Back to me. And back to this blog and the avalanche of moments that are waiting for me on the other side of my degree.



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