Being me in a world full of you’s is like swimming upstream in river of honey. Sometimes that golden flow is sweet and beautiful with folds of amber just ebbing against my efforts. Other times that resistant tide is a brittle crystalline obstacle that clings and grasps with sticky oppression. 

What does it mean to be an individual among billions? Can I ever truly be unique? We have become a vibrant people from all walks and we travel ceaselessly in every possible direction. Motivated by so many needs, wants, and inspirations. How do we choose where to go, what to do, who to be…and why? 

More importantly…how can we make these choices in a way that stays honest and true to the deepest parts of who we are?

The answer: Be Daring. 

Swim upstream if the current isn’t carrying you where you want to go. Being daring doesn’t have to mean changing the world, it only means changing your world. In this crazy life filled with characters and caricatures, rebellion and celebrity the most daring act can often be the quiet act. The act of self-centered integrity within a mass of  market driven, pressurized, sociological control theory. Dare to do what no one else does. And not because no one else does it but because doing so engages you on the inside. 

A wise educator recently told me something profound. In a creative context he said we all must find what delights us and tirelessly chase after it. 

Is there any greater goal in life to be spend each moment of each day seeking out delight? 

This is not to say that we take life lightly and avoid the seriousness of things. Instead it means that we should be mindful of ourselves and choose relationships, environments, and  occupations that feed our souls and fuel our enchantment. 

Go out and dare to dance in the street…or don’t dance at the party. Dare to listen instead of speak or write instead of read. Dare to wear the orange lipstick or the rainbow hair. Dare to take the job. Dare to quit and start over. Dare to love and dare to lose. 

Be daring and be every possible bit of you. I promise I’ll always dare to be me. 

Daily Prompt: Daring


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