Limbs of lime and forest and olive

Fronds tall and lithe

Or wispy tendrils that coil and curl around stalks of golden green.

Burnished yellows veined in white and boldest crimsons tipped with light. 

Growing things that live and thrive to reap the harvest, to whither and die. 

To seed anew through root and bloom to reach and drink from ray and dew. 

Growing things that feed and flourish that things that buzz and creep may nourish.

Claiming all of earth and soil for some to cultivate. To propagate new sprouts of life to grace the landscape  small and grand. 

Graceful plumes of branch and bramble, towering trunks or vines that amble. 

Graceful growth from land and sea, natures bounty perennially. 

Growing things, graceful things, things of green, and seed, and tree. 

Natures grace is ever green. 

Daily Prompt: Graceful


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