Big post, Little post

I am bursting with things to say. I am simply but overwhelmingly bursting at the seems with things to say. Thoughts feel that way. They feel like words that have to go….have to get out of that tiny brain space they are inhabiting. What do you say when  you think? Because everyone knows that thinking isn’t saying. Saying a thought, well that means that the thought has legs and more importantly feet. Feet to plant into the ground like a seed. Once a thought becomes a saying…who knows where it will go or what it might grow.

Should I be careful with the thoughts before they become wild and tame-less weeds covering the surfaces of my brain space? Have you ever heard of brain space before? I like to imagine my mind sometimes. It’s a artist thing, visualizing. Seeing a place that isn’t a place. Like my mind.  When I see my mind it is a big crazy space and it is full of changes. So how to I decide what to let out of the space and what to keep in? Some days I don’t decide at all. Some days the thoughts decide to be gone…and out they go. Some days it’s a big post and it leaves a strange empty cavity in the brain space. Some days it is just a little post and you can barely tell where it came from with that cavernous place in my head.

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