A week of many moments…

We started first grade last week. I say we of course because a part of me gets on that bus with him every day. I walk through those big double doors and down the halls. I stash my backpack in a locker and greet my friends. I’m there when he meets his teacher that first day and I’m nervous when I take my seat. 

We go through life step by step with our children. I hope he feels my presence with him as he navigates his new and complicated world. A world full of recess and lunch and worksheets and moments. Moments when he doesn’t know the answer and moments when he does. Moments when he wants to quit and even some moments when he does. 

I hope I am still with him in all his moments. Every moment. Every first day and first mistake and first failure. 

A week of moments. A week of firsts.  His firsts and her firsts. My firsts and your firsts. 

I drove my (old) car for the first time in a month. To my first day of the fall semester of my senior year of college. I experienced my first flat tire in that (old) car. My first AAA spare tire rescue. 

 And I had a moment of clarity. I’m glad I can be with my little first grader through so many of his moments. Yet I am also glad that he doesn’t have to be around for all of mine. 

Backpacks and homework and moments. Flat tires and night classes and moments. Bus rides and recess and moments. 

A week of moments. His and mine. #life #love #moments 

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